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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long has My Dugout Buddy been around
A: We had been developing the greatest most compact softball & baseball dugout organizer for about two years. My Dugout Buddy has been on the market since early 2011

Q: After placing my order, how long does it take for delivery
A: We ship the next business day, in most case delivery is 1 - 3 business days via USPS Priority Mail. Some orders are shipped UPS and those delivers can be 4 - 5 business days.

Q: Does My Dugout Buddy sponsor softball or baseball teams
A: Yes we offer a partial sponsorship. We have a few teams that we've partnered with. Please view our Supporters Page
for teams that we have partnered with. Contact us if you are interested in our programs.

Q: Can I mix the colors when I order
A: Yes you can order in any combination of colors needed.

Q: How does the life time warranty work
A: If My Dugout Buddy is damaged and or broken under normal use. We will replace it at no charge providing the
damaged unit is returned to us.

Q: Do you ship Internationally
A: Yes we do. You will need to visit out Product Page click on the downloadable PDF order form. Once it has been filed out
email or fax the form to us and we will advise you of the shipping charges.

Q: How does the free shipping work
A: The free shipping only applies to Team Orders amounting to 10 or more My Dugout Buddy's. Team orders are shipped via UPS Free of charge, meaning we will cover the shipping charges for the team discount orders.

Q: How does My Dugout Buddy attach to the fence
A: Our design at the top of the unit locks sturdy in the opening of the fence. On the backside of the unit we have two wedges left and right that also locks in the fence. This allows all of the weight be distributed from the center of My Dugout Buddy down also keeping the unit from shifting in the fence. Once locked and wedge in the fence it's there to stay until you remove it.

Q: Why should we choose My Dugout Buddy as our dugout organizer
A: We have developed My Dugout Buddy to be compact, light-weight and durable. Our dugout organizer will do just that, removes the clutter from the dugout keeping the sports equipment organized and ready for the players when they are.

Q: How does the Life Time Warranty work
A: If My Dugout Buddy becomes damaged to the point it can't be used and was caused by normal use, contact us. Return the unit to us and we will ship a replacement to you at no charge providing it was cause by normal use. We do reserve the right to limit the warranty, if the item shows abuse or too much time was passed before we are contacted.

Q: What is the refund policy
A: You have 7 days from the time you receive My Dugout Buddy. If you are not satisfied we will issue a refund for the purchase minus the shipping cost. The returned purchase must be in the condition received, if these conditions are not met, there will be a 25% restocking charge, this charge will be deducted from purchase price minus the shipping cost. The shipping charge is not refundable. If the purchase is damaged over used and in a non-resalable condition, the item may not be returned. Buyer is responsible for shipping and for shipping cost.



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